The West Pennine Way (WPW) is a 46 mile long distance footpath developed by  the Greenmount Community Walking Group (GCWG) to allow walkers to enjoy the beauty of the West Pennines. The route also includes a 15 mile link to the Pennine Way in the East. Throughout the year we have planned a series of walks that cover the area of the West Pennine Moors, many of them using section of the WPW footpath. The West Pennine Moors have areas of outstanding natural beauty which are steeped in local history the evidence of which can by seen on our walks.

So why not join us on one or all of the walks identified on our leaflets or website. All the walks are free and have local joining points.  See Future Walks or Current News for further details.


The first of two walks to complete the Link Route to the Pennine Way

Wednesday 21st June 2017

Link Route down to Lumb

On what turned out to be the hottest day since the summer of 1976 five walkers left Lumb Carr car park to complete the first of two sections to walk the Link Route to the Pennine Walk. Due to the high temperature it was decided to walk along Moor Bottom Road to Robin Hood's Well missing out the climb to Bull Hill, which we climbed on the last section of the WPW.


Walk 6 of the Friday Night Walks

Friday 16th June 2017

Clough Head

The Grane Valley offers walkers a chance to reflect on images of the past and see at first hand the way in which nature is reclaiming the area. Twenty walkers left Cough Head Information Centre car park on a warm dry evening and made their way towards the now deserted remains of Heap Cough Quarry. At this point the route leaves the West Pennine Way and heads towards Troy Quarry where we saw an good example of natures reclamation with both trees and plants growing out of the cracks of the quarry face. Our route re-joined the West Pennine Way before passing through Leys Farm and across the Grane Road and on towards the dam at the bottom end of Ogden Reservoir. Once across the dam wall we had a clear view of the old Tramway, but thankfully our route did not ascend it this time and we continued to walk in the direction of Calf Hey Reservoir. Having crossed the dam wall we made our way through the woods and across Grane Road and back to the car park having covered a distance of 4.5 miles. 

Troy Quarry




Walk 5 of the Friday Night Walks

Friday 9th June 2017

Walking towards Tockholes

Our walk started at Roddlesworth Information Centre on a very sunny Friday night, which was a pleasant surprise after the heavy rain the day before. We had twenty three walkers in the group most of which had been on our other walks. The route took us across the main road to a footpath which descended steeply towards Roddlesworth Reservoirs and on to a footbridge which crossed a stream flowing into the reservoir. Following the path we were able to see glimpses of the reservoir as we made our way to the dam crossing another bridge this time over a channel known as The Goit, which links the chain of reservoirs, and on to Abbey Village. Our route then took us to Red Lees a 17th century property where we watch a group of swallows flying in and out of the farm buildings, the farm was also home to a number of animals including rescued donkeys. We then made our way to the ancient village of Tochholes spending time looking at the relics that trace the history of the village. Here we retraced our steps making our way past Higher Hill Farm where we where amused to see the garderobe, an outside toilet on the first floor of the building, and wondered if it was still in use. The final section of the walk took use through the woods and up the steep slope back to the car park, having covered a distance of 5.5 miles.


June Guided Walks…


First of two sections to complete Link to the Pennine Way


Meeting place: Lumb Carr road car park Holcombe BL8 4NN

Time Out: 8.30am:     Time Back: 4.30pm

Route: Holcombe, Harcles Hill, Bull Hill, Robin Hood’s Well, Edenfield,

Cowpe Lowe, Cragg Quarry, Lee Quarry, Shawforth    Distance: 11 miles

NB money needed for bus fares back.


Meeting Place: Greenmount Old School BL8 4DS

or Rivington Hall Barn car park BL6 7SB

Time Out: 6pm Greenmount: 6.45pm at Rivington

Time Back: 8.45pm Rivington: 9.30pm Greenmount.

Route: Circular route Rivington Gardens and Rivington Pike     Distance: 4 miles

Route instructions for this walk are here.

Future Walks

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