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Friday 11th August 2017

Another wet Friday

Eleven walkers met, on another wet Friday evening, outside St John in the Wilderness Church, Shuttleworth and by the looks of the grave yard it had been in the wilderness for some time. We started the walk by making our way up Church Road and after a short distance turned left through a stile and along a footpath to Turn Road and climbed up towards Fisherman's Retreat Restaurant turning left onto Bury Old Road before the restaurant.

We made our way up to Rochdale Road passing Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary on the left. Crossing the road, we turned left and after a short distance where we turned right into Michael Wife Lane which led us into the woods known locally as The Plunge. Dearden Brook which flows through the valley looked spectacular in full flow due to the recent heavy rains.

The route took us up to Gincroft Lane where we turned left and made our way to Edenfield passing the cricket ground and Green Street where we stood to admired the floral displays before turning left into Market Street and back onto Rochdale Road. We walked as far as the deserted Methodist Church turning right onto a path which lead to Bond Street and to Bury Road which we crossed and turned right into Eden Street which took us under the A56 and passed what remains of Rosebank Mill once a manufacturer of quality fabrics. Shortly after passing the mill we went under the M66, an area which unfortunately seemed to be used for fly tipping.

At the end of Rosebank we turned left onto Bolton Road, Stubbins, passed another derelict mill, Croft End Mill, which is part of a new housing development. After passing the mill we turned left along Leeches Road passed the campsite over the M66 and back to Shuttleworth having covered a distance of 4.5 miles. Perhaps, in the future this walk should be re-named the walk of Derelict Churches and Mills walk.


Leeches Road Stubbins











Monday 7th August 2017

Climb onto Scout Moor

Only four walkers, one of which was new to the group, set off from Ramsbottom on a cool and damp Monday morning after a night of very heavy rain. We crossed the railway line and made our way along Kenyon Street passed the new recycling plant and onto the footpath behind the, recently closed, soap factory. Following the river to Stubbins we had to make a detour as the fields were flooded, a result of the heavy rain. The route then turned right passed the new campsite and up to Shuttleworth where we crossed the main road and made our way up Riding Head Lane to the Fisherman's Retreat Restaurant which had been extensively developed since 1992 when it was opened to meet the needs of local fisherman trying to catch fish in the trout ponds.


Bath with a view

After the restaurant we made our way up to and across Rochdale Road onto Coal Road, which was used for taking coal down from the moors in the early 19th century. From here we climbed up to the wind turbines which were making disturbing noises and it was suggested that WD40 might solve the problem and to the top of Scout Moor were the views looking back towards Ramsbottom were quite spectacular. All over the moors there was evidence of the heavy rain making the paths more like streams so we decided to make for Waugh's Well and an early lunch. The well is a memorial to Edwin Waugh, (1817 to 1890), who was a local poet and son of a Rochdale shoe maker. It was sa

Waugh's Well

id of him that he was "Lancashire's Burns" and he lived for a time at Foe Edge Farm, which is now in ruin. We enjoyed extensive views over to Dawen Tower, Winter Hill and Holcombe Moor whilst eating lunch but the wind made it feel more like an April day.

View of Rossendale Valley

From here we made our way towards Sand Beds Lane, which is part of the West Pennine Way Link Route, and made the steep climb to the summit and trig point at the top of Cowpe Low at a height of about 1400ft. The views from the summit were the best of the day and included, Haslingden Reservoirs, Pendle Hill, Musberry Tor, Longridge Fell and to our left the Welsh Hills.

All down hill home

Our aim from this point was to make our way back down to Sand Beds Lane but a herd of wild looking horses had different ideas so to be on the safe side we retraced our steps over the summit to make our way back down to Edenfield and through Stubbins to the starting point in Ramsbottom having covered a distance of 11.5 miles. 


Progamme of Walks for August 2017


Meeting Place: Greenmount Old School BL8 4DS or Jumbles car park BL2 4JS

Time Out: 6pm Greenmount: 6.25pm Jumbles car park

Time Back: 8.30pm: 8.45pm at Greenmount

Route: Jumbles, Bradshaw, Affetside, Jumbles

Distance: 4 miles



Meeting Place: Greenmount Old School or Ramsbottom railway station

Time Out: 8.40am Greenmount: 9am Ramsbottom

Time Back:  3.30pm

Route: Ramsbottom, Stubbins, Shuttleworth, Fisherman’s Retreat, Turn, Waugh’s Well,

Edenfield, Stubbins, Ramsbottom

Distance: 9.5 miles



Meeting Place: Greenmount Old School BL8 4DS or Shuttleworth Church

Time Out: 6pm: 6.30pm at Shuttleworth

Time Back: 8.30pm Shuttleworth : 8.50pm Greenmount

Route: Fisherman’s Retreat, Bleakholt, The Plunge, Edenfield, Stubbins

Distance: 4 miles



Meeting point: outside Greenmount Old School BL8 4DS

Time Out: 8.40am

Time Back: 12.30pm

Route: Greenmount, Summerseat, Grants Tower, Nuttall Park,


Distance: 6 miles



Meeting Place: Greenmount Old School BL8 4DS

Time Out: 6pm

Time Back: 8.15pm

Route: Whipney Lane, Spenleach Lane, Higher Ridge, Peel Tower,

Redisher Wood Greenmount.

Distance: 4 miles


FRIDAY 25th August

Meeting Place: Greenmount Old School BL8 4DS or

Borough Road, Darwen near Park entrance BB3 2TA

Time Out: 6.00pm: Start of walk 6.40pm

Time Back: 8.40pm: 9.10pm at Greenmount

Route: Circular walk through Bold Venture Park to Darwen Tower

Distance: 4 miles

To see the complete programme of walks from August to November, click HERE