2 hour guided walks on the WEST PENNINE WAY.


These walks give spectacular views of: Wooded Valleys,   Rugged Moorlands,   Ancient Tracks,   Meadows and Pastures,   Wild Life,   Historic Buildings,   Cultural Heritage,   Myths and Legends,     Historical, Agricultural and Industrial Remains.

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The South Pennines Park Walk and Ride Festival 2019

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Christine Taylor
c/o Greenmount Old School,
Brandlesholme Road,
Bury BL8 4DS.

FRIDAY 19th JULY 2019

Walk 10 of the Come Walking Series of Walks: Jumbles to Affetside


Bradshaw Hall Fisheries

This was the first Friday night walk of this series that had a poor weather forecast and this was reflected in the number as only eight walkers started the walk, with one walker being new to the group.

We joined the footpath at the far end of Jumbles Car Park and headed down the steep hill, reminding walkers that they would have to climb back up the hill at the end of the walk. We tuned left at the bottom of the slope and joined the path through Kingfisher Valley in the direction of Bradshaw, keeping Bradshaw Brook on our right hand side.







Admiring weeds!

We stopped to admire the work that had been done to the fishing lakes and café at Bradshaw Hall Fisheries with its colourful hanging baskets. The path, in places, was not visible due to the plant growth on either side, especially himalayan balsam.  We made our way through the valley passing the site of Bradshaw Mill on our left. Records show that there has been a mill on this site from 1542 until the last one was demolished in 1989.








Heading to Watling Street

On reaching Rigby Lane we turned left up to Bradshaw Road, which we crossed and made our way along New Heys Way into a small housing estate. At the far end of the estate we joined a path leading to Riding Gate and the attractive hamlet of Lower Knotts where we turned left climbing a steep path up to Top’o’th Knotts, stopping to admire the views which were limited due to the low cloud.







Affetside in the rain

From here it was a short climb to Watling Street, which originally was the site of a Roman Road leading from Manchester to Ribchester. Turning left we passed the Pack Horse Pub on our right and made our way to the centre of Affetside Village where we did not linger as it had started to rain heavily so we decided to make our way, through the fields, back to the Jumbles Car Park having covered a distance of 5 miles









5th of 9 Walks to Complete the West Pennine Way: Bull Hill to Clough Head


Heading for Alden Ratches

The fifth section of the West Pennine Way (WPW) started at Bull Hill and in order to get to the starting point eight walkers set out from the lay by on Helmshore Road and climed up through Buckden Wood to Moor Bottom Road. We were saddened to see that a gate at the top of the wood had been broken, demolishing part of the wall in the process. After turning right for a short distance we joined a footpath, on our left, that climbed up the slops of Bull Hill and onto the WPW where we turned right following the footpath around the hill.The route turns right and heads across Alden Ratches to Fall Bank where we had glorious views across Rossendale Valley in the summer sunshine.







Coffee Break

From here we climbed up onto Musbury Heights and to the top of the tramway where we stopped for a coffee break and to replace a way marker as one of the aims of these walks is to maintain the WPW way-markers, which was made easier with the gift of a new electrical screw driver.








Walking down the Tramway

The tramway was used to transport the finished flagstone down to the valley where they were loaded onto railway wagons and our route took us down the tramway where we had clear views of the valley below.








Footpath to Grane Road

At the bottom we followed the WPW which passes in-between Ogden and Holden Wood Reservoirs and through the fields to Grane Road which we crossed and made our way through Leys End Farm and climbed up onto Haslingden Moor where we had to replace another way marker before turning left.







The walk across the moor to Clough Head was made more enjoyable by the abundance of wildlife which included, the sighting of, grey wagtails, oyster catchers, lap wings, wheatears, grouse, several painted lady butterflies and a couple of hares.


Haslingden Moor










Lunch Time

Once at the information centre and cafe we enjoyed lunch before leaving the WPW for another day. We headed back by following a footpath, to the right of the café, through the woods until we came to a track overlooking Jamestone Quarry.








View from Mary's Wood

Once on the track we turned right and followed a wide green path that skirted around the edge of the quarry eventually descending down onto the access road which leads to the quarries where we turned right. After a short distance we joined a footpath on our left that lead us behind Leys End Farm and into Mary’s Wood that was planted in memory of a local farmer’s wife. The path along the edge of the wood has a number of difficult stiles to climb but eventually we arrived back on the Grane Road, which we crossed and turned right at Holden Wood Antiques onto a footpath that crossed the embankment of Holden Wood Reservoir and down onto Helmshore Road.







Robin Hood's Well

Once across the road we turned left down some steep steps and joined a footpath that followed Ogden Brook into Helmshore. Our intension was to go through Snig Hole Park and on to Irwell Vale however, the footpath was closed due to renovation so we had to climb back up onto Helmshore Road and join a footpath though the fields which took us to the start of Moor Road. The road climbed steeply past Robin Hood’s Well and back to the Buckden Wood where we retraced our steps through wood back to the lay by having covered 13 enjoyable miles. 








Come Walking Series of Walks: Winter Hill and Belmont

Climbing Winter Hill

This week’s walk started at the lay-by on the Belmont to Rivington road where it took a little while to pack all of our cars into such a small space with our concentration being distracted by the noise of the motor bikes racing along the road.

Once organised twenty-six walkers turned right along the road, avoiding the speeding bikes, and turned into the track on the left-hand side of the road, called Belmont Road, and climbed up to a stile, also on the left, through which was a steep path leading to the trig point and summit of Winter Hill, which is 1498ft above sea-level. On the way up several stops were made to admire the views that were limited at this stage due to the cloudy conditions.






Trig Point on Winter Hill

Having reached the summit, the clouds had started to clear and we were able to see the outline of the Lakeland Hills and the sun shining on Morecombe Bay. In the other direction we could see the Derbyshire Hills and closer to home Cope Lowe and Scout Moor were clearly visible. From the trig point we made a detour from our route to visit the 1000ft transmitter tower, built in 1965, to provide most of Greater Manchester and Lancashire with their television programmes.








Transmitter Tower

We also stopped to look at the memorial plaques which are reminders of past tragedies that have occurred on Winter Hill. In 1958 a plane crash killed thirty-five of the passenger on a flight from the Isle of Man and in 1838 a young Scottish traveling pedlar was murdered on the hill.








Descending Winter Hill

Leaving the summit, we made our way down a steep path which headed towards Rivington Road, still enjoying views of the coastline on our left, the Pennines on our right and the farmland of Lancashire ahead of us.








Blue Lagoon

At the bottom of the slope we turned right onto an attractive path, which followed a stream that flowed into The Blue Lagoon in Belmont Village. At the lagoon we crossed the road and passed through a kissing gate on the other side of the road which led on to a path that climbed up onto the moor with views of Winter Hill to our left and Belmont to the rear. The path also took us back to where the cars were parked, having covered an energetic 5 miles





Friday Evening Walks

Meeting Place: Greenmount Old School BL8 4DS or
Car park off Sheep House Lane, Rivington Grid reference 655158
(This car park is left off the road just after Moses Cocker’s farm if coming on Rivington Road
From Belmont)
Time Out: 6.10 Greenmount or 6.45pm from car park.
Time Back: 9.15pm
Route: Rivington Gardens/Rivington Pike circular walk.
Distance 4 to 5 miles

AUGUST Guided Walks…

Friday Evening Walks

Meeting Place: Greenmount Old School BL8 4DS
Time Out: 6.10pm
Time Back: 8.45pm
Route: Greenmount/Kirklees Valley/Two Brooks circular walk
Distance 4 to 5 miles

Meeting Place: Greenmount Old School BL8 4DS
Time Out: 8.40am
Time Back 3.30pm
Route: Greenmount, Hawkshaw, Quarlton, Edgworth,
Turton Bottoms, Affetside, Greenmount
Distance 11 miles

Meeting Place: Greenmount Old School BL8 4DS
Time Out: 8.40am
Time Back: 12.30pm
Route: Greenmount, Holcombe, Old Mill, Ramsbottom,
Nuttall Park,Summerseat, Greenmount
Distance: 6 miles

6th of 9 circular walks to complete the West Pennine Way
Meeting Place: Greenmount Old School BL8 4DS
or Clough Head car park BB4 4AT
Time Out: 8.30am Greenmount or 8.50am Clough Head
Time Back 3.30pm at Clough Head
Distance 11 miles

Moorland Myths & Legends
Meeting Place: Outside Hare & Hounds BL0 9RY
Time Out: 9am
Time Back: 3.00pm
Route: Redisher, Holcombe Moor and beyond

Photo Quiz Night
Meeting Place: Greenmout Old School or Jumbles car park BL2 4JS
Time Out: 6pm Greenmount or 6.15pm Jumbles
Time Back: 8.30pm
Route: Jumbles, Turton Tower,Chapeltown, Turton Bottoms, Jumble

Peelers Way
Meeting place: Sir Robert Peel’s statue near Bury parish Church
Time Out: 9.30am:
Time Back at Holcombe Brook 1.30pm
Route: Following Irwell to Summerseat, Woodhey, Redisher
Holcombe Hill, Peel tower, Holcombe Brook.
Distance: about 6 miles

7th of 9 circular walks to complete the West Pennine Way
Meeting Place: Greenmount Old School or Highest lay-by near boundary sign on Belmont to Rivington road Grid ref. SD 655158
Time Out: 8.20.am Greenmount 9am Lay-by
Time Back: 3.30pm at lay-by
Route: Spitlers Edge, White Coppice follow West Pennine Way to Rivington, Rivington Gardens, back to lay-by

Distance: 11 miles


This is a small group of walkers based in Rawtenstall, in Rossendale, Lancashire. We enjoy a countryside walk of 4 to 8 miles each month,  on the last Saturday, leaving Kay Street car park  at 10 am prompt. We carshare to a starting point and a small donation is given to the driver to help with petrol and parking costs, otherwise the walks are free. All walkers are responsible for their own safety and the safety of fellow walkers. Any children must be accompanied by an adult. Please ensure you are dressed suitably for the likely weather, wear strong waterproof footwear and carry a packed lunch. Dogs are NOT permitted as we are usually passing young livestock.

Further details can be requested by telephoning Peter on 01706 876470, or click  Peter Lord to send him an email.