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March 2024 to May 2024

Spring Guided Walks

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All are welcome, no membership is required, come regularly or just occasionally on these free guided walks.  You are advised to wear appropriate clothing and hiking boots.  We will walk even if it is raining but not in extreme conditions! On the long walks (except the Pilgrims’ Way walk), there is the option of having a café/pub lunch.

There are plenty of stiles and several steep inclines.         Sorry, no dogs.            

(NB. Mileage and finishing times are approximate.)

Click Spring Walks to see the program of walks for March, April and May 2024.



View videos of the West Pennine Way by clicking West Pennine Way Videos



You can view or print the walk leaflets for the West Pennine Way by clicking on Walk Leaflets.

A set of these A3-size leaflets can be obtained by sending a self-addressed envelope with 2 first-class stamps on it to the address shown below.  The envelope needs to be 22cm by 11cm.

Christine Taylor
c/o Greenmount Old School,
Brandlesholme Road,
Bury BL8 4DS.


Circular Walks incorporating the West Pennine Way

You can view a number of Longer Circular Walks, which incorporate the West Pennine Way, by clicking the link Longer Circular Walks. These walks show a map and also the .gpx file of the route.

If you prefer a shorter walk click the link Shorter Circular Walks. These walks also show a map and the .gpx file of the route.

Many smartphones, tablets and other GPSMAP devices (eg Garmin Hand Held) are GPS-enabled.  Smart phones, with the right app, can be used as a navigational aid. To do this, download the .gpx file from the route page and import it to your device.


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You can download a map of a walk and the gpx file for the walk shown on the Community Notice Board map, by clicking       Come Walking Around Greenmount



To view the Village Link website and its walks,

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KAY STREET COUNTRY STRIDERS is a small group of walkers based in Rawtenstall.

Monthly Saturday walks in the North West - for more info click --- Kay Street Country Striders



Monday 12th February 2024

North Western Hills and Fields.

On a dull and misty morning nineteen walkers set out from Greemount Old School and headed over the golf course to Holly Mount School. After turning right at the school, we walked up to a metal gate, where we turned right again and walked across the fields to Croichley Fold and onto Bolton Road. Once across the road we turned left and walked along the pavement to the footpath sign on our right. After negotiating the narrow path, we walked through the fields to New Hoyle's Farm, where we joined Hawkshaw Lane and turned right, walking as far as the steep stile on our left. After we had all climbed over the stile, we headed across the fields to yet another difficult stile. By this time the clouds had started to clear and looking backwards we had views over Holcombe Hill and over to Scout Moor.

Heading for Croichley Fold


We then climbed steeply up to the Top of Qualton, where after passing the renovated cottages, we turned left and walked for a short distance, on the access road, before turning right and climbing over a stile, on our right. The route then crossed several fields and stiles before arriving at a small footbridge, which we crossed, and made our way onto Bury Road in Edgeworth. From here it was just a short walk to the Barlow Centre, where we made use of the seating area to have our morning break.

Climbing up to Top of Qualton

Views over Edgworth

The Barlow

Once refreshed we walked through the woods, at the back of the Barlow, and made our way to Turton Bottoms, where we turned left on Birches Road, and headed down to Bradshaw Brook, which we followed down to Jumbles Reservoir. After passing the concrete bridge we joined a footpath on our left that took us up the Bradshaw Road, which we crossed, and headed up to Troye Farm. After continuing through the fields to Watling Street it was just a short walk to the Pack Horse Inn, where we had booked lunch.

Woods behind The Barlow

Bradshaw Brook


After enjoying a delicious meal, we headed down Watling Street, and just after the signpost to Old Ned’s Farm, we went through a new kissing gate, on our left. Once through the gate it was just a short, familiar walk, through the fields down to Turton Road and onto Old Kay’s Park, form where we headed back to Greenmount having covered ten enjoyable miles.

Heading back to Greenmount

Monday 5th February 2024

Western Countryside: Old Kay’s, Bowstones & Kirklees.

The second of this year’s short walks, to explore the countryside around Greenmount began with twenty one walkers heading down Kirklees Trail as far as Shepherd Street, where we turned right and crossed Holcombe Road, and walked down to Old Key’s park. After climbing the steep path through the park, we crossed Turton Road and joined a narrow footpath leading to Cann Street, which we also crossed and headed up a farm track and through a stile into the fields. Once across the fields we arrived at Watling Street and where we turned right and joined a farm track, on our left leading to Old Ned’s farm, which was for sale. Before reaching the farm, we climbed over a stile, on our left and walked through the fields to where a group of llamas were grazing. Farmers often keep them to protect their livestock safe from predators.

Heading for Watling Street

Old Ned's Farm

Friendly Llamas

After crossing Bradshaw Road we made our way along Bowstones Road, a track leading to a farm with the same name. Once through the farmyard we climbed up the lower slope of Bowstones Hill said to be named after the stones on which the Bowmen, of England sharpened their arrows. At the bottom of the slope we climbed over a stile and continued down through the fields to Old Holts Farm, where we turned right onto Bently Hall Road, and walked as far as the old hall, where we turned left and made our way to Four Lane Ends.

Bowstones Farm

Bowstones Hill

Heading for Bently Hall Road

After safely crossing Bradshaw Road, we squeezed through the narrow kissing gate and headed down to Hey Head, where we had our morning coffee stop. Once refreshed we turned right and walked down to Moorside Road Estate and headed for Booth Street, which we crossed and joined the footpath leading to Walshaw Sports Club where it was a short walk back onto Kirklees Trail, where we turned left and walked back to Greenmount having covered six miles with lots of variety.

Kirklees Trail

Wednesday 24th January 2024

A walk through local Nature Reserves:

Kirklees Valley, Burrs Country Park, Chesham Woods, Birtle and Summerseat.

On a bright but chilly morning fifteen walkers headed down Kirklees Trail to Tower Farm and followed the brook as far as the first footbridge, which we crossed, and followed the track to Kingsbury Wood. Once through the wood we turned left on Garside Hey Road and made our way into Brandlesholme. After crossing the main road, we joined a muddy footpath down into Burrs Country Park, but not before having to negotiate a fallen tree on the path.

Kirklees Trail

Heading to Burrs

Avoiding the temptation of the warmth of the Lamppost Café we joined the footpath in front of the Brown Cow Pub, where we passed under the railway bridge and continued along the path to the steps up to Arley Avenue, where we turned right and walked up to Walmersley Road. Once across the road we headed up Mosley Avenue to the Lido, where we enjoyed our morning break along with a variety of wildlife.

Coffee Break

Our route then took us into Chesham Wood and onto Chesham Road, where we turned left and walked to Broomses Farm, and to the junction with Castle Hill Road. After turning right, we walked down the road to the driveway of Robinsons Equestrian Centre, the one with the stone pig, and continued through the farm to the top of Birtle Road, and the site of the once famous Normandy Restaurant.

Top of Birtle Road

We then turned left and followed the track to the edge of the valley, where we could look down at the ruins of Cheesden Mill, last remaining chimney of the fifteen mills in Cheesden Valley and Birtle Deen. Once through the stile, at the top of the valley, we joined a farm track, called Scotland Road, and walked back down to Castle Hill Road, where we climbed over a stile, at the edge of Walmersley Golf Couse, and walked down to White Carr Lane.

Top of the valley

Scotland Road

Following the lane, we walked down into Baldingstone and through the woods to Falshaws Farm Shop and Café, where we had booked lunch. After a most enjoyable lunch we headed down Rowlands Road, through Summerseat and back to Greenmount having covered eleven refreshing miles.

Lunch at Falshaws

Rowlaand's Road

Rowland's Lakes

River Irwell in Summerseat