Friday 10th June 2022

Friday 10th June 2022: Jumbles Reservoir and Turton Tower

Another Friday night walk and another town, except there are no prizes tonight not like last week’s Jubilee Walk. Thirty-two walkers set out from Jumbles car park and made their way past the café and headed towards the concrete bridge, but instead of crossing it we continued through the valley, which was bathed in evening sunshine, to Turton Bottoms.

Jumbles Reservoir

Sunny Valley

Once on Vale Street we turned left and after a short distance we climbed up a steep path on our left leading onto Wellington Road, which we crossed and joined a footpath up to St Anne’s Church, in Chapeltown. At the Chetham Arms pub we turned left and made our way down to Station Road, the station having closed many years ago.

St Anne’s Church

Station Road

After walking for a short distance along the road we turned left onto a footpath leading to Turton Tower. The tower that was built in the 15th century, has been extended over the years. We continued our walk by heading past the pillbox and down towards Jumbles Reservoir. Before reaching the reservoir several of our walkers visited the site of Jumbles fossil tree, that lived during the carboniferous period some 300 million years ago. Once at the bridge we turned right and continued our walk back to the car park having covered 4.5 sunny miles.

At Turton Tower

Fossil Tree