Friday 10th May 2024

Friday 10th May 2024

Paths around Kirklees Valley

The first of our Friday evening walks for 2024 started opposite The Hub Café, in Greenmount. Thirty-six walkers joined us for the walk, with ten of them new to our group. The evening was bright and sunny, and we looked forward to many dry footpaths. We began by heading down Kirklees Trail as far as the cricket field, passing the sad sight of the polluted Island Lodge, where we stopped to read the notice board that gives details of the lodge’s restoration. After climbing down the steps, at the side of the cricket field, we made our way along Beryl Avenue to Kirklees Street, where we turned left and walked down to the footbridge over Kirklees Brook.

Joining Kirklees Trail

Crossing Kirklees Brook

Once passed Kirklees Valley Wildlife Rescue Centre, we turned right and walked through Kingsbury Wood, down to Garside Hey Road. After walking along the road for a short distance we joined a footpath, on our right and headed back into the valley where we re-crossed the brook and climbed back up to Kirklees Trail. Turning right on the trail we walked for a short distance before turning right and heading back into the valley.

Garside Hey Road

Climbing out of the valley

After following various footpaths around mill lodges, we arrived at Tower Farm, where turned left and walked around the back of Island Lodge. Once under the arches of the old railway bridge, we joined Mill Street Tottington, and after a short walk climbed over a stile, on our right and headed up to Stormer Hill.

Mill Lodge

The final section of the walk took us into Old Kay’s Park, where we had glorious views of Peel Tower, and back down to Holcombe Road where we turned left and headed back into Greenmount having covered 4.5 miles with very little mud.

View of Peel Tower

Old Kay’s Park