Friday 3rd September 2021

Friday 3rd September 2021

Come Walking Series: Edenfield, The Plunge, Bleakholt and Stubbins

Even thought we are coming to the end of this series of walks twenty walkers set out from Edenfield on an overcast evening and headed up Gin Croft Lane. After a short climb we turned right into Dearden Clough Lane where we stopped to admire the work that had been done at the Outdoor Activity Centre, in particular the building of a pizza oven that was being well used.

Gin Croft Lane

Continuing down the lane we soon reached The Plunge that was once part of the local textile industry in the area where the ruins still show how the water was used to provide the power needed for the mills. Unfortunately, due to the recent dry spell the waterfall was not in full flow.

The Plunge

Once everyone had chance to see the waterfall, we made our way down Michael Wife’s Lane where we crossed the Edenfield to Rochdale Road and turned into Bury Old Road continuing down to Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary.

Michael Wife’s Lane

Taking the footpath at the side of the sanctuary we headed down to Whalley Road, which we crossed, turning left into Leaches Road and headed down to Stubbins.


On reaching Bolton Road North we turned right into Rosebank Lane making our way back up to Edenfield, which by this time the Rostron Arms was fully illuminated and appeared very welcoming, however we resisted the temptation and made our way back to the car park having covered 4 miles.