Friday 8th July 2022

Friday 8th July 2022: Greenmount/Redisher/Hawkshaw

Thirty-one walkers with ages spanning across seven decades enjoyed a scenic local walk. Setting off from Greenmount on a wonderful summer’s evening, the group enjoyed perfect weather for walking – intermittent sunshine and Goldilocks temperatures (not too hot, not too cold). We set off from behind Greenmount United Reformed Church at 6:15 pm and headed around the east side of the golf course.

Peel Tower in the background and freshly cut hay in the foreground indicating the farmer’s hopes for dry weather over the next few days.

We continued along the path to Bolton Road with Peel Tower ever visible. Crossing the road, we turned right and reconnected with a trail heading north past Redisher Farm into the sanctuary of Redisher Wood Nature Reserve. The scenery dramatically shifted from moorland bottoms to woodland.

Entering Redisher Wood Nature Reserve. New friends and old friends walking and talking enjoying an evening in the woods.

Not quite the Krypton Factor but we all managed to get across without getting our feet wet.


Nanny and Billy Goats Gruff crossing the bridge, but the Troll had finished early for the week.


The group navigated water crossings and meandered through the woods, passing Simons Lodge, and came out near the Krypton Factor Assault Course. With nobody volunteering to test their physical agility, we continued around the northern edge of the Range House and eventually reached Hawkshaw Lane by Higher House Farm.


Emerging onto Hawkshaw Lane by Higher House Farm.

We turned left and headed south down Hawkshaw Lane until we followed the footpath to the southeast by New Hoyles Farm. The fields had all been cut for hay.

The group enjoying a walk of variable terrain including open fields freshly cut for hay.

Two of this year’s lambs look on.

We meandered along the footpath until we reached Spenleach Lane. Here the group split. Eleven headed back down Spenleach Lane to the main Bolton Road and back to the church. The rest of us extended the walk and eventually came out on Bolton Road further to the east. We retraced our footsteps back around the golf course and arrived back at the church by 8:30 pm after a pleasant walk of approx. 5 miles.