Friday 9 June 2023

Friday 9 June 2023

Lumb Carr/Harcles Hill/Peel Tower Walk

It was beautiful evening with clear skies and lots of sunshine.

The walk started at Lumb Carr Road car park and followed the main road into Holcombe Village. The village is often a starting point for people walking up Holcombe Hill and has been the home of the historic Holcombe Hunt for 200 years.

Holcombe Village

The group then took a left fork onto Moor Rd before taking a path onto Holcombe Moor and up to Harcles Hill. The Hill is the highest point in Greater Manchester and stands 1200 feet above sea level. From here we took a path across to Peel Tower. The Tower was built on 1852 in tribute to Sir Robert Peel a local MP, founder of the Police Force and Prime Minister from 1841 to 1846. The tower stands 128 feet high and commands stunning views over Bury, Manchester, Cheshire and even as far as North Wales.

Harcles Hill

The route then descended to Moorbottom Road and followed a path to Hey House Farm and Hey House. Hey House, is one of the oldest properties in Bury and was built in 1616 originally as a hunting lodge.

Heading back to Moorbottom Road

Hey House

The walk then went past the Darul Uloom Islamic College before joining Holcombe Old Road back to the car park.

Distance covered 4.5 miles.