From Bradshaw Old Post Office

Link 34: From Bradshaw 1.2 miles 2 km

Starting point; Old Post Office on Bradshaw Road

Key: L= left R= right FP=footpath WPW= West Pennine Way


  • Turn down Rigby Lane in front of Old Post Office
  • Take FP on R up stone steps
  • **When FP divides keep going straight on.
  • Then bear L and cross bridge, sign post Ousel Nest & Jumbles
  • Keep following stream and sign posts for Ousel Nest & Jumbles
  • Pass Bradshaw Hall Café on your R and keep following stream on your L as far as reservoir dam
  • Turn R to join WPW walking up slope to Jumbles car park.


  • Next West Pennine Way basic instruction is ’at junction of paths     turn right and follow footpath up to Jumbles car park’