From Darwen

Link 19: From Darwen 1.25 miles 2 km

Starting point; Centre of Darwen

Key: L= left R= right FP=footpath WPW= West Pennine Way


  • With Darwen Town Hall behind you, start walking to your R along Croft St to its junction with Market St, the main road
  • Cross over the road at the crossing
  • Go straight ahead up Borough Road
  • Continue up hill to the main gates of Bold Venture Park on the R
  • Take path to R round lake and continue going up passing waterfall to emerge onto Manor Road
  • Cross road and go through gate into upper Bold Venture Park
  • Take the R fork and keep the stream on your L
  • Emerge from the top of the park through kissing gate
  • Follow track slightly left, up past disused quarry
  • Continue up the track as it bends round to the R climbing all the way up to the tower to join the WPW by turning left and following WPW with Darwen valley on left


Next WPW basic route instruction is ‘Keep on in same easterly direction, follow main path Witton Weavers Way with its 2 parallel tracks