Longer Circular Walks and gpx files

You can view a map and download the gpx files for these walks by clicking on the appropriate link.


Longer Walks Link
West Pennine Way Full Route ~ 75km West Pennine Way
Greenmount Turton circular ~ 15km Greenmount Turton circular
Greenmount Bull Hill circular ~ 18km Greenmount Bull Hill circular
Turton Belmont circular ~ 17km Turton Belmont circular
Belmont Rivington circular ~ 17km Belmont Rivington circular
Rivington White Coppice circular ~ 17km Rivington White Coppice circular
White Coppice Roddlesworthcircular ~ 15km White Coppice Roddlesworth circular
Roddlesworth circular ~ 17km Roddlesworth circular
Grimehills Wayoh circular ~ 17km Grimehills Wayoh circular
Clough Head Pickup Bank circular ~ 16km Clough Head Pickup Bank circular
Clough Head Helmshore circular ~ 17km Clough Head Helmshore circular
Shawforth circular ~ 14km Shawforth circular
Walsden Shawforth circular ~ 17km Walsden Shawforth circular
Walsden Stoodley circular ~ 14km Walsden Stoodley circular
Holcombe Moor circular ~ 14km Holcombe Moor circular
Barrow Bridge circular ~ 14km Barrow Bridge circular
Saxon route to Radcliffe Saxon ~ 20km Saxon route to Radcliffe Saxon
Greenmount Edgworth circular ~ 18km Greenmount Edgworth circular
Waugh’s Well walk ~ 16km Waugh’s Well walk
Village Link 1 ~ 16km Village Link 1
The Plunge ~ 16km (10 miles) The Plunge
Greenmount Jumbles circular ~ 18km (12 miles) Greenmount Jumbles circular
Whittle Pike ~ 18km (11 miles) Whittle Pike
WPW Roddlesworth section ~ 13km (9 miles) WPWRoddlesworthsection