Monday 14th October 2019


Monthly Short Walk: Roman Road and Valley Walk

Leaving Cann Street


It is remarkable how on the monthly short walks the weather is always good and today was no exception as we started the walk in bright sun shine and blue skies. Leaving Greenmount Old School we made our way down Kirklees Trial as far as Shepherd Street where we turned right and walked up to Holcombe Road where we turned left and made our way down to Old Key’s Park.






Welcoming party


Once through the park we crossed Turton Road and climbed up a footpath, that was very over grown with bramble branches, and onto Cann Street which again we crossed and passed through a kissing gate into a very muddy field. We had only walked a short distance in the field when we were greeted by a herd of cows that came running over toward us but thankfully stopping short to allow us to climb over a stile out of the field.

Continuing along footpaths, in a westerly direction, we made our way through more muddy fields and finally onto Watling Street where we turned right for a short distance before climbing over a stile, on our left, and heading down to Hoyle’s Fold. Once on Tottington Road, Harwood we turned right and walked along the road until we reach a sign for Lower Knots. on our right taking the track through the hamlet of Lower Knots we headed up to Top o’th Knotts where we stopped for a coffee break.







Taking the footpath on the left, past the cottages, we walked through the fields back up to Watling Street and into Affetside where we turned right along the side of the Pack Horse Inn and down the steep path leading back onto Turton Road.






Two Brooks Valley


After crossing the road, we turned left onto a footpath that took us down into Two Brooks Valley which looked glorious in the Autumn sunshine with the leaves starting to take on their orange glows. Taking the steep climb out of the valley, on our left, we headed for Croichley Fold where we turned right, through a farm gate and followed the path to Holly Mount. Once in Holly Mount we headed back to The Old School, through the golf course, having covered 6.5 glorious miles.