Monday 3rd September 2018




The Ridge



Just as we were about to leave The Old School it started to rain so we had to put on our waterproof clothing before we could start the walk. Once suitably dressed eleven walkers made our way along the path at the side of Greenmount Church and onto Greenmount Golf Club where we passed the clubhouse and headed for Spenleach Lane. At the top of the lane we turned right and headed for Redisher Wood dropping down to stream which we crossed using the stepping stones.


Stepping Stones


Safely across the stream we climbed a steep path that leads onto the Ridge, near the ruins of High Ridge Farm, where we turned left, in the direction of Red Brook, passing the site of the new Holcombe Heritage dig, on Cinder Hill.



Heading for Pilgrim’s Cross



At the end of the Ridge we climbed up to Moor Bottom Road and headed for the path that leads to Pilgrim’s Cross where we stopped for our coffee break, in the rain. The visibility was poor and we could only just make out the familiar shape of Peel Tower, our next destination.

Coffee Time



The footpaths across the moor were unusually firm considering the heavy rain. Once at the tower we did not linger as the visibility was still poor and we just wanted to get dry.



Heading Home


We descended the hill taking the steep path on the right which leads to Moor Bottom Road then immediately turning right passed Hay House and down to Lumb Carr Road turning right again and making our way back to Greenmount having covered 5.5 miles.