Monday 5th December 2022

Monday 5th December 2022

Southern Countryside Walk, Our Annual Christmas Walk.

This was our special Christmas walk with the option of lunch at the Miller and Carter Steak House, in Greenmount Village. The walk started, as usual, from The Old School, where thirty-one walkers headed for the Kirklees Trail, on a cold but sunny morning. On reaching Shepherd Street we turned right and made our way to Old Kays, crossing Turton Road and walking through the fields to Watling Street, Affetside. Once across the road we followed a track on our left, and after a short distance we climbed over a stile and followed a footpath to Old Ned’s Farm where we were greeted by a group of alpacas.

Alpaca welcome

Once across Tottington Road we headed up to Bowstone Hill and Hill End Farm. After making our way along some very muddy footpaths we eventually joined Bentley Hall Road. By this time, we were ready for our Christmas Treat, of warm mulled wine and fruit cake.


Bentley Hall Road

Christmas Treat

Once refreshed we turned left at Bentley Hall Farm and followed a footpath that led to Four Lane Ends, where we crossed Bradshaw Road, and after passing though a stile we headed to Birchen Bower Farm and on to Tottington.

Birchen Bower Farm

On arriving in the village we re-joined Kirklees Trail and explored a selection of the many paths which weave through Tottington Mill Wood, eventually following Kirklees Brook up to Tower Farm and then on to a well-deserved lunch at Miller and Carter, having covered 6.5 festive miles.

Kirklees Brook

Christmas Lunch