Monday 5th February 2024

Monday 5th February 2024

Western Countryside: Old Kay’s, Bowstones & Kirklees.

The second of this year’s short walks, to explore the countryside around Greenmount began with twenty one walkers heading down Kirklees Trail as far as Shepherd Street, where we turned right and crossed Holcombe Road, and walked down to Old Key’s park. After climbing the steep path through the park, we crossed Turton Road and joined a narrow footpath leading to Cann Street, which we also crossed and headed up a farm track and through a stile into the fields. Once across the fields we arrived at Watling Street and where we turned right and joined a farm track, on our left leading to Old Ned’s farm, which was for sale. Before reaching the farm, we climbed over a stile, on our left and walked through the fields to where a group of llamas were grazing. Farmers often keep them to protect their livestock safe from predators.

Heading for Watling Street

Old Ned’s Farm

Friendly Llamas

After crossing Bradshaw Road we made our way along Bowstones Road, a track leading to a farm with the same name. Once through the farmyard we climbed up the lower slope of Bowstones Hill said to be named after the stones on which the Bowmen, of England sharpened their arrows. At the bottom of the slope we climbed over a stile and continued down through the fields to Old Holts Farm, where we turned right onto Bently Hall Road, and walked as far as the old hall, where we turned left and made our way to Four Lane Ends.

Bowstones Farm

Bowstones Hill

Heading for Bently Hall Road

After safely crossing Bradshaw Road, we squeezed through the narrow kissing gate and headed down to Hey Head, where we had our morning coffee stop. Once refreshed we turned right and walked down to Moorside Road Estate and headed for Booth Street, which we crossed and joined the footpath leading to Walshaw Sports Club where it was a short walk back onto Kirklees Trail, where we turned left and walked back to Greenmount having covered six miles with lots of variety.

Kirklees Trail