Monday 5th March 2018




Waterfall in Redisher Wood

The planned walk over to the Pennine Way had to be postponed due to snow drifts and low cloud instead a route closer to home was chosen. Four walkers made our way to Redisher Wood where we were treated to a spectacular sight of the frozen waterfall.

The Ridge




Climbing up to The Ridge is always a good way of getting the heart pumping, once on the ridge we made our way to Moorbottom Road and across Red Brook and onto Longshaw Head. From here we made our way across the fields, which still had deep snow drifts and much of the ground was still frozen hard, to Baron Farm and onto Edgworth.



Snow drifts

We decided to enjoy an early lunch at the Post Office Café in Edgworth where three of us were warmed by the delicious chorizo and lentil soup with the fourth choice being a jacket potato. After lunch we headed to Turton Tower by way of Wayoh Reservoir and Chapeltown. From the tower we turned right on Chapeltown Road and walked down to Horrobin Lane here turning left and making our way to Jumbles Reservoir. Once at the reservoir we turned right over the bridge and walked along the edge of the reservoir into Grange Road which leads into Shady Lane where we turned left at the junction with Turton Road. It was a new experience to walk along a busy main road so we were relieved when we turned left into Rigby Lane which took us passed Bradshaw Cricket Club and up to Bradshaw Road.




Coffee break at Lower Knots

Once across the road we followed a footpath sign that pointed left into a housing estate and onto Lower Knots, where we enjoyed a coffee break in the sunshine. The path then climbs steeply up to Top o’th Knots where we admired the housing development undertaken by a local footballer and were pleased to see that a cottage had been named after his grandmother Molly. From here we climbed up through the fields to Affetside and turned right onto the Roman Road passing the footpath to Yeoman’s Farm and making our way towards the junction which leads to Walshaw. Just before the junction we turned left, onto a footpath following the path through the fields we made our way to Turton Road which we crossed onto a track, on the left, leading to Old Keys and back to Greenmount having covered a distance of12 miles.

The view of Peel Tower is always a welcome sight