Monday 5th November 2018


Monthly Long Walk: Greenmount, Holcombe Moor, Longshaw Head, Edgworth and back to Greenmount

Steep climb out of Redisher Wood


On a very mild November morning eight walkers set out from Greenmount Old School and made our way over the golf course onto Hawkshaw Road and into Redisher Wood via Redisher Lane. Once in the wood we were struck by the beauty of a new stone bridge being built over Holcombe Brook. The climb out of the woods is always energetic but on such a mild day it caused our temperatures to raise more than normal, with several walkers removing a layer of clothing at the top of the climb.





Short coffee break



We then made our way along the ridge to the green bench where we stopped to admire the views across Holcombe Valley and take a brief coffee break. From here the path climbs up onto Holcombe Moor where we followed the path over ‘The Old Grey Wall’, which has recently been discovered by the Holcombe Heritage Group, and headed for Pilgrims Cross and up to the trig point on the top of Bull Hill.



Bull Hill



From the trig point we turned west and headed across Wet Moss, which as the name implies is very wet and is the source of Holcombe Brook which eventually flows into the River Irwell in Summerseat.






Wet Moss



This route was a new venture for most of our group and we enjoyed making our way over the wet moss until we experienced a strong unpleasant smell which told us we were at Longshaw Head and about to pass the maggot farm.






Once on the farm track, leading to Longshaw Head Farm, we joined a footpath that descended passed Barons Farm and exits at the side of the Rose and Crown in Edgworth where we made our way to The Barlow for lunch overlooking the bowling green.


Heading for Turton Bottoms


From Edgeworth we had several choices of footpath on which to make our return journey we decided on the one that took us towards Turton Bottoms and along an attractive track up to Walves Reservoir. Once across the embankment we headed for Quarlton Fold Farm, where new earth work meant that it was difficult to find the definitive path. However, as usual our walk leader guided us safely to Top Quarlton Farm and across the fields to Hawkshaw Lane. Turning left we walked up to New Hayes Farm and across the fields to Spenleach Lane where we followed the West Pennine Way route back to Greenmount. We were fortunate to have our resident bird watcher, on the walk, so we were able to identify several finches and a mistle thrush on our route which was 11 adventurous miles.





Following the footpath, we eventually arrived in Summerseat where a number of our walkers decided to have a restful lunch in the garden centre restaurant with the remainder of the walkers making their way back to Greenmount having covered a distance of 10 miles, not bad for a short walk.