Monday 5th September 2022

Monday 5th September short walk

21 walkers set off from Greenmount on a warm, sunny day. Our well planned route was disrupted by 3 separate herds of cattle. To avoid the cows in Two Brooks Valley we turned right at Croichley Fold and to the fields by Bleaklow Hall.

Half the group went through the field towards New Hoyles, but seeing more cows in the field the remaning walkers and leaders decided to reroute through the MOD land.

Surprisingly we all got to Roger Worthington’s Grave within 5 minutes of each other, after both groups rerouted again on seeing Bullocks in the field near Holcombe Hey Fold.

Roger Worthington’s grave

After a coffee break, at the peaceful wall enclosed grave site, we returned to Greenmount via Cinderhill and Redisher Wood.