Monday 8th January 2024

Monday 8th January 2024

Exploring the Northern Countryside.

The first walk of 2024 started at Greenmount old School, with twenty-four walkers heading to Greenmount Golf Course on a bright but chilly morning. We made our way into Redisher Wood, and crossed the footbridge, over Holcombe Book, stopping to admire the waterfall which was in full flow due to the recent heavy rain. Once across the bridge we turned right onto a footpath which climbed steeply onto the Ridge. This climb proved to be too steep for one of our new walkers the result being that he had to be guided back safely to Greenmount by one of our walk leaders.

We continued to walk along the ridge, where we enjoyed the morning sunshine before starting our next climb up to Moorbottom Road. This climb was too much for two more of our new walkers and they also had to return to Greenmount. Unfortunately, the countryside around Holcombe and Greenmount is surrounded by hills, and walkers need to assess their own fitness before attempting these walks.

Climb to Moorbottom Road

After turning left on the track, we walked for a short distance before joining a path on our right that took us onto Holcombe Moor. At the top of the climb, we had a clear view of the valley below, said to be where the earliest settlers lived in the area. The path then descended, for a change, to Red Brook, which eventually flows into the river Irwell, changing its name to Holcombe Brook along the way. As we were sheltered from the wind at this point, we enjoyed our morning coffee on the side of the brook.

Views over Holcombe Valley

View looking back to Peel Tower

Heading to Bull Hill

We then climbed out of the valley up to Bull Hill, where we had clear views around the West Pennie moors. After spending time identifying the landmarks we descended to Pilgrims Cross and walked across the stepping stones in the direction of Peel Tower.

Bull Hill

Pilgrim’s Cross

Back to Peel Tower

From the tower we made the steep descent back down into Redisher Wood and headed back to Greenmount having covered 7 eventful miles.

Heading back to Greenmount