Monday 9th January 2023

Monday 9th January 2023

Sunrise walk over the moors to Bull Hill

At 7.00am on a dark and rainy morning sixteen optimistic walkers set out from Lumb Carr car park to head up to Bull Hill hoping to see the sunrise. Our route took us through Holcombe village, and onto Moor Road where we started the climb, first up to Harcles Hill and then passed Pilgrims Cross to Bull Hill. On arriving at the trig point, we were greeted by strong winds and heavy rain with thick clouds blocking out any chance of seeing the sun rise. After spending several minutes hoping for the best a small silver of light appeared in the east but unfortunately it quickly disappeared behind the clouds. By now we were starting to get cold, we decided to head down the hill, looking forward to breakfast at Owens Restaurant in Ramsbottom.

Waiting for sunrise

Once back down on Moor Road we made our way through the new stile, at the top of Buckden Wood, where the recent heavy rain had turned the small stream into a torrent. The route through the wood was spectacular, but the exposed tree roots slowed down our progress, as they were very slippy.

Moor Road

Buckden Wood

The stream in Buckden Wood

At the bottom of the wood, we arrived in the village of Strongstry where we tuned left under the disused railway line and joined a very wet footpath at the side of the river Irwell. Arriving in Stubbins we crossed the main road and made our way through some very wet fields to Ramsbottom and a well-deserved breakfast. After enjoying the warmth of the restaurant we headed back out into the rain and made our way up to Lumb Carr car park having covered 7.5 very wet miles.

The river Irwell