Friday 6th July


FRIDAY 6th JULY 2018



Grane Valley & Heap Clough Quarry

Our walk started at Clough Head Café where the owners had kindly left the barrier to the car park un-locked. Thirty-three walkers took the path to the right of the café, on another hot Friday night, and climbed up onto Haslingden Moor to join the West Pennine Way (WPW) Once on the moor we had a clear view of the valley below and the town of Haslingden in the distance and it was difficult to believe that in the 1800s this was a thriving community of mills, schools, churches and cottages.On meeting the WPW we turned right and headed for Heap Clough Quarry which has recently ceased production and has been left for nature to reclaim. Continuing along the moor we passed the ruins of Black Hill Farm, where we had the pleasure of seeing several young fouls and their mothers.




Troy Quarry


At this point we left the WPW and followed a rough track down to Troy Quarry a quarry that has been reclaimed by nature and looks all the better for it. We re-joined the WPW and turned right through the fields of Ley End Farm, where we saw more young fouls, before crossing Haslingden Road and walking down towards the reservoirs. The first of the reservoir, Holden Wood, had very little water in it and a large flock of Canada Geese where in a nearby field rather than on the water.




Tram track tunnel


The path then climbed up to what was an old tram track used to transport stone from the quarries and a number of walkers chose to go through the tunnel, at the bottom of the track which was used by quarrymen to avoid the trucks.






Calf Hay Reservoir


We then continued along a footpath overlooking Ogden Reservoir until we reach the embankment at the bottom of Calf Hay Reservoir which we crossed and made our way back to the car park having covered an enjoyable 5 miles.