Objections to Objections to the Diversion of Part of Public Footpath Number 19


Many thanks to those who supported our objections to the diversion of the Ramsbottom footpath number 19 into Redisher Woods.

You can view a copy of the footpath plan by clicking  Footpath Plan

You can view the response of the Public Rights of Way Officer, by clicking  Response Letter

Representatives from our walking group had an onsite meeting, on 13th December 2023, with David Chadwick the Public Rights of Way Officer for Bury Council. We were able to point out our concerns on the hazards of the proposed new route. After the visit these concerns were sent in a letter to David Chadwick.

The letter from David Chadwick dated 3rd April 2024, (click  Response Letter) covers all our concerns about the diversion route, so we are withdrawing our objections, having been assured that the original definitive way remains open until the council officials inspect and approve the work done on the revised route, and that representatives from Greenmount Village Community Walking Group will be invited to attend this inspection.

Once the new definitive footpath is approved and the old definitive footpath is closed, then Bury Council will be responsible for the upkeep of this new footpath.

Once it is done we agree that it will make a good and interesting walking route into Redisher Wood from Redisher Lane.