Wednesday 23rd November 2022

Wednesday 23rd November 2022

Owd Betts, Whittle Pike, Paradise

On a very wet and misty morning twelve walkers met at Owd Betts car park and quickly decided that today’s planned route, up to Whittle Pike, would be too muddy and dangerous in the mist. We agreed a new shorter route to the small village of Red Lumb. From the car park we made our way to Ashworth Road turning right and walking passed the reservoir wall. When the road started to climb we joined a footpath on our left which headed across the muddy fields eventually arriving at a track leading to Top o’ Hill Farm. Continuing along the track we arrived at Edenfield Road and made our way down the road to Red Lumb.

After spending time discussing the history of the village, we joined a track leading out of the village and headed up to Naden Middle Reservoir were the mist kindly lifted for a few minutes so that we could see the reservoir. Following a path above the reservoir we headed in the direction of Knowl Hill, although at this point we could not see the hill as it was shrouded in the mist. Before starting the steep climb to the summit, we sheltered behind a stone wall to have our morning coffee.

Climbing to the summit

The trig point

Once we arrived at the trig point, we spent a few moments sharing memories of Gordon Foote as it was five years to the day since he died. Gordon was one of our original walk leaders who helped to plan the West Pennie Way. Miraculously as we spoke the mist started to lift, and after a few minutes we had views over Rochdale and beyond.

Remembering Gordon

Having already agree that we would only make it a morning walk, we headed back to Owd Betts car park, having covered 5 misty miles.